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Soul Leadership 

Become a Sacred Illuminator in our

Master Soul Guide Certification


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I am so grateful you have discovered this raw, to the core, soul-led program. The work of discovering our souls’ unique gifts and intergrading them into our life is everything I do this work for. It is my everlasting desire to help you turn your inner light on and allow it to illuminate out into the world.


I believe that we all need a space to explore and develop our gifts which is expressed in many ways throughout our life. As a spiritual counselor for the past eleven years and even my decades in corporate management I have had many evolutions of what it means to show up in my leadership. Through my experience I have discovered that one of the most impactful elements that can help a soul leader rise into their greatness is to be held and supported.  And this my dear soul is why you are here.

Here we come together and unlock our power and integrate it into something raw and unstoppable. We show up in deep service in our communities, families, and work. We understand the importance of scared living and seek to make a greater impact in the expression of our souls' call. 

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I believe we all have a leader  within...

In this benchmark program you’re guided through a powerful and potent exploration to define your aligned and true gifts. The mission is simple, create a space for any individual who feels a call for something greater. If you are looking to take up more space in the world through engaging communities, sharing your artistic expression, being in service for a greater impact, this is a beautiful space for you to develop the gift that is rising within you.


I know it takes strong sovereign leaders who have a deep understanding of their role in the world to make the greatest difference, which is why I know you are meant to be here…

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Become a Master Soul Guide

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Wonder what we do here?

In this program you bring forth your very own modality and healing approach. The space that you hold will be unique due to harnessing your specific understanding of the energetic integration that flows through your natural abilities.  This is a beautiful and sacred way to narrow your niche while expanding the way you support others. Running energy from earth and the akashic field gives you divine connection to navigate deep transformational healing for yourself and others.

The possibilities are endless and there is something special that takes places within as you become potent with intention and healing. 

And there is more...

Leading life from Soul

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 Soul Stones 

We work with the following twelve activations....Calling in the soul stone's of leadership allows you to exude rays of light that embody wholeness and unconditional love. These sacred activations embrace, embody and express the keystones for life and leadership. You will learn them for yourself and complete deep work to hold them for others. Each month in our practitioner portal we bring focus and presence to them. They are...

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Commitment to our growth and holding the container for others to do the same.

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Embrace your grace by opening the portal of deep knowing.

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Activate your inner maverick to create a life that is breathtaking.

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Open your ability to manifest at a higher vibration.

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Working with the gateways of artistic expression to tap into the sacred flow of inspiration.

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Radiate by weaving soul and self and using the strength of their combined essence to illuminate.

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Strip down the old life design and tap into what is your souls truth.

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Live full's your birthrite baby!

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Becoming a conduit of Akashic and Earth Codes to become easeful in your approach to life.

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Soul Led

Holding the line of energetic flow to lead with soul.

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Letting go of judgement and expectation to free flow in life.

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Develop your set point and how to know when it is time to upgrade.


Your Magic Is the Key

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You have a unique coding within that is meant to be activated in this life.


As you awaken to the new upgrades, or new abilities that you have as a mystical being you bring forth a sacred gift from within.

This brings a new breath of life to your sacred tools and resources to help assist you in your desired expression of self. Whether you are a healer, leader, entrepreneur, educator, or mama. Your sacred is ready to be felt and seen.

The Sacred Container

During our time together you will have access to and receive the following tools and experiences....

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  • Live Monthly Trainings (replays available)

  • 3 Private Sessions with Joie​ 

  • Bi weekly small group ( 3 to 5 students) coaching sessions with Joie for 12 months.

  • Monthly Meditations to support you.

  • 6 Gateways of Leadership Modules of self-pace course work.

  • Soul Leadership Training Weekend (optional)

  • High Touch Access to your teacher & mentors

  • Private Platform and Community.

  • Eighteen months full access to the course and practitioner portal

  • Downloadable Material

  • Master Soul Guide Certification

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 I believe we all have a healer within..It just takes another sacred healer to activate your wisdom and then the flood of knowing enters you...

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Sometimes we hold back and hesitate.

It can look like:

  • Hiding parts of who we are so we are accepted.

  • Over-give which exhaust our energy as a result

  • We act on the should's versus deep knowing

  • Don’t see the value in what we give

  • Never feel ready to take the leap

  • Compare ourselves to others

  • Unclear on how to serve and show up

  • Believe we aren’t good enough, pretty enough, talented enough…wonder if we will ever be enough!

  • Overwork ourselves and burn out leaving no space for creativity and a new way to do things.

Does any of this ring true for you?

Because I believe you deserve to be authentic and unstoppable!

If you agree...then lets lean into your sacred yes!

The Investment

  • In this course we commit to the work and souls journey by flowing with the following guidelines.

    • We lead with our intuition and step into the sovereign path of a soulful leader.

    • We allow deep energy work and transformation to take place within us.

    • We hold space, no longer feeling the need to fix our peers or clients

    • We believe in the unknown and trust that there is an awakening within the gateway of this practitioner portal.

    • We bring our energy into the work and the practitioner portal weekly.

  • Communicate with your teachers and reach out when you are feeling the need for clarification and guidance.

  • Complete course work within the eighteen month timeframe

  • Communicate any challenges or foreseen delays in completing the work.

Financial Investment

One time payment of $3600


Monthly payments of

(12) $333

(18) $222

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This space is sacred and special. It opened up a whole new side of myself. It was like a new door that I never knew existed. That souls that are drawn to their work are truly magical and amazing.


"Pure Magic. Joie’s  encouragement and advice has guided me to look up and out, becoming more aware of my present vibration and knowing we are sacred creatures on a sacred journey, back to ourselves. Learning that self care is number one. The past few months I learned to trust, set boundaries, tools for self accomplishments, step into my birth right, embrace my light with-in, wear my crown proudly, daily rituals and learned how important it is to take time for daily meditations and in return fueled my mind, body, self, and Spirit. I will forever be grateful for her guidance and kindness."

What Students are Saying

Some of the details

⫸ This is an online journey with the opportunity to come together in person for our intensive weekend. You can engage in this training from anywhere around the world. All you need is a computer or a personal handheld device, an internet connection, and a comfortable space to learn in.

⫸ Since our work is all about the experience, your attendance is mandatory. We meet virtually bi-weekly for Soul Leadership coaching for 12 months. Are you doing the math ? Thats 24 coaching calls to level you up and hold you as you grow and expand. The monthly training will have a set time, where I share a concept and model the practice. I am always here with you, holding space and providing you with guidance, support, and feedback.

⫸ You will receive 3 intimate 1:1 soul guide sessions with me, Joie Kya, so that you are on a path of deep transformation while learning to hold that space for others.

⫸ Private Practitioner & Community Portal for the duration of our time together. This is where you will make deep and meaningful connections, exchange soul guide sessions, support each other on this transformational journey, and celebrate one another's growth.

⫸ Monthly, you will experience meditations that align with that months focus Soul Stone and activation from Joie Kya in our practitioner portal.

⫸ You will receive incredible resources to help you be inspired and support your growth and learning.

⫸ Along our journey you will also have the opportunity to experience deep healing and activation. The key is to embody this work and apply it as a unique healing light in this world. 

⫸ Our annual intensive weekend can be experienced either virtually just like our trainings or you may join us in Northern California, USA. Your attendance is not required to receive the power of these deep dive and application weekends. 

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You have a deeper Spiritual Awareness and are a  Warrior of your own Healing...

No longer do you turn your back from the hard conversations, the painful emotions, the wounds that are up for healing. Your Warrior Soul has been activated, and you are a full-bodied yes to all initiations.

From this place, you are ready to serve the greater community by being a soul-led leader and healer. You know that it isn’t only about action or physical changes that manifest new realities. You, divine one, comprehend that this is also about the unseen realms - working the energetics in the astral plane because we are all part of the greater energetic whole.

​​What you will learn and experience in the next 18 months...

Our courses and program are created to have flexibility and freedom, this means you can enter the academy at any time of the year. We also work with you and other practitioners to create small pods of students so you can journey through the program with peers at a similar flow of the work.

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Soul Stones

Each month we focus on a core concepts of leadership. Each one designed to align you to deep soul service. We will practice them in our personal and professional life.

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6 modules of deep level training that will dive into the elements of creating your unique gift. This includes developing your ability to hold space for others, develop your modalities and approaches to serve others, decide how you will apply your gifts to the world, building community and much more.

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Intensive Weekend

We deep dive into our work with our annual leadership weekend. This is optional but we love to have our students join us if they can. It takes place in Northern California with virtual options available. 

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 You will also receive a Master Soul Guide Certification which will be awarded at the end of your first 9 months on your leadership journey. This means you will have new modalities to start using and offering with clients and groups before the end of the program.

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1:1 Sessions

You will receive 3 private sessions with Joie Kya that you can use anytime during the next 18 months. Each session is about deep diving into your exploration as a healer and soul guide.

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To elevate your growth you join a small soul group of students. In this group you meet twice a month for 18 months. 

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One of the benefits of this work is the community you create by working together as students on the journey. You will apply techniques and modalities in a safe container of trust and sacred space holding together throughout your time in the academy.

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 6 Module Framework for Soul Leadership

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Our 6 Modules  

The following module descriptions are a small sampling of the sacred container that is created for your expansion as a healer and soul leader. Each module is energy rich and will align and define your path and how you serve. 

Module 1~ Liberation of your Gifts

Our leadership is expressed as our liberation. The moment when you feel that driving force that feels like a fire in your belly, a fire that will never be put out. It is our remembrance of our soul gifts and your unique imprint on the world. It is the tenacious power of our ability to root down into new depths and rise up to lead like a lioness. As we move into our leadership we become the wisdom on how to raise our consciousness, empower our presence, and create more brilliance in the world around us. This module will challenge your energy frequency and call you into your true alignment. 

Module 2~Earthed Soul

Steeped in mystical and practical wisdom that will support your gifts to the world. We create a deep partnership with the earth and her energetic rhythms. This deep allyship with the earth is something we lean into to open us to how we can generate greater healing for ourselves and others. We will move into deep gateways of the soul and earth to align you to a new threshold of service. We tap into the energetics and flow of the sacred rhythms that flow within and outside of us. In this work we spend time in creating practical approaches to creating allyship with nature and within that deepening understanding to your soul gifts and how they translate to the greater healing of the earth. 

Module 3~Integration

The leaders and mavericks of a new group of healers are the ones who are called to master their unique energetic arts for greater change. In this module we work with your unique soul gifts to create and level up your modality of soul work. Together, we’ll embody our own energy, re-wild our nervous system & grow our energetic upgrade as we direct our soul gifts into soulful leadership. As you integrate your soul gifts, your passions & your legacy to become an embodied agent of change. Not only will you create community & a movement, you’ll live your soul work as personal transformation.

Module 4~Potent Leadership

Be mentored in creating & teaching your signature soul work - to create your own training curriculums, programs, offerings, books, speaking and modalities as you unleash your wild and soul centered leadership. Learn the potency of being a leader who creates movements of profound change for your clients - on the stage, in your books, in your training curriculums, in your thought-leadership and change-making. 

Module 5~Resourced & Abundant

We call our aligned network for this work and collaborate with other incredible leaders, enriching each other’s visions & co-creating as soul partners. Grow your legacy wealth as a feminized leader, magnetizing clients & getting paid for your soul work. Collapse Scarcity, Grow Resources & Shift Uncertainty. Currencies of Flow: Curiosity, Passion, Purpose & Abundance

Module 6~Spirit Warrior Revolution

No longer do you turn your back from the hard conversations, the painful emotions, the wounds that are up for healing. Your Warrior Soul has been activated, and you are a full-bodied yes to all Initiations. You are here to make change and create a ripple of transformation. Understanding the pieces of your work and how you integrate with the world and create a sustainable offering and business.

who have been shaken awake by their soul, have been pulled into their own awakening and can feel the deep longing in them to move beyond their pains, wounds, traumas and limiting patterns into a magnificent and magical life of possibilities. They know they are here for more, have gifts to unlock, want to step up into being seen and heard for their truth and are ready to take a big courageous leap into their wild unknown.

Healers & Practitioners
who are powerful in their gifts and have been working with impact with their clients, but know there soul is calling them into a greater and more impactful leadership

who run communities and are called to learn these new innovative soul arts to meet the growing expansions and awakening needs of their clients (more and more individuals across the planet are waking up and many entrepreneurs are feeling the call to have the energetic encoding and skillset to meet them at these new levels of discovery)

in diverse industries, like sustainability, business, design, architecture, health - who know that their leadership moves beyond the current knowledge base and into way more inter-sectional, cross-discipline, soul-led bodies of work and collaborative projects. These women want to shake up the status quo, learn the arts of invoking extraordinary human potential and move to higher soul rhythms of collaboration and connection in entrepreneurship, economies, business and the earth.

Intuitive Souls
who have gifts and may have been hiding in the spiritual closet, maybe they’ve been focussed on motherhood or career but know their soul gifts are commanding their full focus and the dream of creating their own livelihood creating beautiful change in the world is now real in their hearts.

We have a wide range of emerging leaders ..


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates that I need to know before I sign up?
Monthly Trainings are taught live the first Monday of every month. All trainings are recorded and available for replay.

Group Coaching is schedule to meet the needs of your small group. 
Our next Soul Leadership weekend is Oct 15th & 16th 2022. 

Do I need to be a healer or spiritual guide already?
It is helpful to have a strong relationship with your intuition and actively diving into your own personal transformational process. If you check at least one of the below criteria, I invite you to join us...Here are some guidelines to consider: 


  • You have been a healer or spiritual guide for at least six months and have had ten paying clients or

  • You have been working with a spiritual mentor or coach for at least three months or

  • You have been on a deeper, devotional spiritual path for at least a year or

  • You have been initiated into another healing lineage or

  • You have been to various types of healers and understand the power of the experience or

  • You have been guided by me through 1:1 work or via another program I have offered in the past or

  • You understand that logic cannot help you comprehend the shifts made in the liminal space, and therefore you 100% trust the unknown and have faith in entering the unseen realm.

What if I can’t make the training and/or intensive weekend dates or times?

These sessions will be recorded and therefore, you can watch and listen.

What is the time commitment?

What would it mean for you to be fully devoted to your craft as a leader? How invested are you in creating a safe space ? Are you open to taking this training seriously so that you and those you impact have incredible transformations in a magical and mindful way? You will be expected to spend at least 8 hours a month ( 2 of those hours in your group coaching call) diving into energy space and practicing.


Is the Soul Leadership program and courses all online?

Mostly, there are opportunities to meet in person through the Soul Leadership Training weekend. If you are unable to travel to Northern California to join you are able to complete the entire program online. 

What is the cost and when do my installments begin?

The cost is $3600 or a monthly payment of $333 for 12 months or $222 for 18 months. This is an introductory offer full cost of program is $5400. I'm not sure how long I will offer this rate.

Do you have a refund policy?

We believe and hold a sacred container for your awakening. In this we honor your heart felt yes to this work. We do no issue refunds but will however allow for up to a six month pause if you need one anytime during your journey.

With everything offered and the magic of community you will be aligned to your soul and guiding others to do the same. 

Are you ready?

click now to's only $222 today.


We are on a mission to create a space for any leader who feels the same call to action and is ready to take up more space - to awaken her gifts, engage communities, heal generations, create sustainable projects, invoke wellbeing and to co-create the future with humanity.