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Soul work is my passion as a healer, intuitive and sacred illuminator. Each offering is intended to illuminate and activate your souls truth and gifts.  

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"Working with Joie was kismet, her approach was exactly what I needed for my awakening and breakthrough."


Joie Kya Mentorship 

When you say yes to this work, you say yes to expressing your creativity, showing up authentic and raw, and becoming seemingly unstoppable to express your purpose in this life. When you say yes, you say yes to developing your intuition, creating a relationship with your inner wisdom and leveling up your life and business. 

Take some time to look at the 1:1 offerings and design your journey of discovery and upleveling.

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We work deeply with the elements, spirit, and your higher self to heal, realign our energy and develop our sacred vision for life. You will align with the earth and spirit to become sovereign and wholeheartedly in tune with what is your divinity. Nature, ceremony, and dedication are the three aspects we embody in these sessions. 
Six Month Commitment 

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The evolution of your soul is calling. You have done work to unlock the gifts within. There is more and you know it's time to call in a mentor. You seek a guide, a space holder and the tools to unlock the sacred gifts within you. You seek to live in the current of your true potential. To grow as a leader and healer of this world. In this partnership we bring forth both the practical and visionary aspects of becoming a pioneer, a legacy, a raw unapologetic change maker. 
Six Month Commitment.

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The in-person experience is offered to bring deep powerful expansion to the student. We spend two sessions virtually one before and one after the in-person work. We lean on nature to commune and learn during this work. Each session is unique to the student but may include a spiral release, soul activation, ceremony, speaking with nature, and deep awakening of your earth walk. These are offered privately or in intimate groups of 3 to 5. The session takes place in Grass Valley, Ca outdoors.

Young Designer


Looking for a one time session with me? Here it is. The intention of this offering is to help you move through to the next level in one day. I bring in all the tools I am known for along with my strategic side. We meet in a private one on one session that is two hour's. Then you have full access to me via What's App for a full 24 hr day so you can apply your learnings, ask additional questions, and receive additional guidance and tools. 

"The first time I heard about Joie from a friend I knew I had to talk to her. My first session I knew she was meant to guide me through this tough season in life. She has helped me believe in magic again, and truly sees me and knows intuitively what I need to hear and has helped me listen to my inner truth and believe in myself. I tell everyone that a session with her is like 5 therapy sessions in one. Can’t wait to grow more!"


Not sure which session to go with? Have more questions about the work I do? Please reach out by sending a message.

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Looking for Community?

A space for wildly ambitious soul-led female entrepreneurs and leaders coming together to thrive and create freedom in their lives and business.


Looking to meet and connect with like minded soul-led leaders?

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