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Soul Led Business Mentor

Strategic Alchemist~ Sacred Collaborator~ Illuminator...


I have been doing the entrepreneur thing for a while now. Here's the truth, like all things that test and challenge you, you will never feel like you're done growing and learning in your business. So, how can I help? I'm just like you...still discovering and leveling up each day, month and year. My approach comes from a creative and purposeful place. My background in corporate leadership, non profit, holistic studio owner, coaching, counseling, consulting, maker, and even as a professional bellydancer gives me a beautiful lens to see your business through. Is that a long list or what? Yes, it totally is, but many of these things have brought multiple revenue streams in which affords me to show up how I want in this important and soulful work of guiding you. I hold nothing back and will lead and hold space with all of my heart and soul. My dream for you is to see you reach all your goals and beyond!

Soul-Led Business Mentorship

In this 6 month mentorship we work deeply in your business and what direction is aligned best with your soul gifts, leadership style, strengths and passions. I believe that we never should force an approach or business model that doesn't feel natural for the entrepreneur. My approach is part consulting and part coaching which takes full commitment from both of us as co creators of this work. I will hold the space with you through accountability, personal development, assessment of your business, profit mapping, brainstorming and more. Each clients journey is unique to them and the work that is being presented as we work through your exploration. I have been doing this work for a decade and have built my practice on working with individuals who feel a call for something greater and just need some guidance to help them unveil it.

When you say yes to this work, you say yes to expressing your creativity, showing up authentic and raw, and becoming seemingly unstoppable to express your purpose in this life. When you say yes, you say yes to developing your intuition, creating a relationship with your inner wisdom and leveling up your life and business. This is a high touch option and enrollment is offered when there is an opening. Please note that I also offer a group coaching option in the Soul Leadership Course. One of the best ways for us to determine the next step is to book your consultation so we can look at what outcome you are looking to achieve and beyond.

Book your consultation today!

This is for you if you:

  • Can spend at least 10 to 20 hours a week on your business.

  • Ambitious and ready to take your soul-led business forward.

  • You are a leader, healer, creative, seeker, educator, intuitive or curious around what you want to contribute to the world.​

  • Ready to access deeper parts of yourself where your gifts, talents, and abilities live.

  • Ready to let go of critical thinking and move into abundance.

We need more healers and sacred change makers for the future. Your unique gifts are part of this global transformation we are embarking upon. 

Trust your beautiful heart and step into your power. Here you can begin.

Book w/ Joie

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We work deeply with the elements, spirit, and your higher self to heal trauma, realign our energy and develop our sacred vision for life.

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The in-person experience is offered to bring deep powerful expansion to the student. Offered for the individual or small groups.

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Wanting to deepen your focus and vision for your life. In this VIP day we spend an entire day on your personal exploration and level up to the next great calling you feel pulled towards.

Joie Kya Course Suite

Welcome to the WildSoul Academy platform of courses and mentorship programs. I have designed these programs to work together or to be experienced as a single area of focus. Here we work from a place of having one foot in soul and one in practical life. We create and align to a place of balance and truth that becomes our navigation system that can lead us to a magical existence. I am excited you are here and know there is great value and discovery on your path ahead. 

Take some time to look at the courses and design your journey of discovery and upleveling.

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A space for wildly ambitious soul-led female entrepreneurs and leaders to level up and thrive in their life and business.


Coming Jan 2023

Getting down to the nuts and bolts of how to run a soul-led business! Join us for theSpiritual Entrepreneur Online Course!

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Learn with Joie

The world is changing...Are you ready?

We need more healers and sacred change makers for the future. Your unique gifts are part of this global transformation we are embarking upon. 

Trust your beautiful heart and step into your power. 

Learn More 

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"Working one on one with Joie is like working with a friend who always gives you the best advice and isn't afraid to give you the tough love you need. I've worked with Joie for a couple of years now and I always leave with a new nugget of knowledge to help me on my journey to my highest self."


What Clients are Saying

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Pen Pals

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