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Joie Kya Course Suite

Welcome to the WildSoul Academy platform of courses and mentorship programs. I have designed these programs to work together or to be experienced as a single area of focus. Here we work from a place of having one foot in soul and one in practical life. We create and align to a place of balance and truth that becomes our navigation system that can lead us to a magical existence. I am excited you are here and know there is great value and discovery on your path ahead. 

Take some time to look at the courses and design your journey of discovery and upleveling.

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In this self-paced course we play with the delightful energies of soul as we explore our sacredness within. Think of it as a tune up for life so you can live the ultimate version of you. This course is filled with simple approaches by tapping into our energy and the earth to create magic and wonder in your life. As a result you redefine your relationship with self, your body, your relationships, and your environment. This is a great course for the one seeking to reconnect with their truth so they may fall into trust with self.

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We are on a mission to create a space for any leader who feels the same call to action and is ready to take up more space - to awaken their gifts, engage communities, create sustainable projects, invoke wellbeing and to co-create the future. This is a high touch group program with coaching, trainings and self-pace modules to navigate the development or next level upgrade of your work.We call our aligned self for this work and collaborate with other incredible leaders, enriching each other’s visions & co-creating as soul partners. This is our signature program.

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In this live virtual course offered twice a year we move into intuitive soul led action to align soul with self . When you enter this life you have a divine design and it is your birthright. This course will call your truth, dreams, and desires to work consciously in your life. Allowing for deep understanding of abundance and your life purpose.
Offered in January & August. 

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Coming Fall 2022

Getting down to the nuts and bolts of how to run a soul-led business! Join us for the Entrepreneur Online Course! Doors Open October 2022

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"Working with Joie was kismet, her approach was exactly what I needed for my awakening and breakthrough."


Fragile Pampas

I believe we all have a greater calling. Let's work together and align you to your souls gifts.

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Each of us deserves to live an abundant full life. I have spent forty-eight years learning what that means for me. For the past eleven years this has meant working for myself and creating a spiritual guidance practice that has helped thousands. I have walked the road and now I want to take that knowledge and share it with you. 

I am here to hold the space and allow for you to discover your unfiltered raw truth. The way I see it, we don't have any more precious time or energy to waste. Let's get to living full out and making a beautiful legacy at the same time.

Our Academy is filled with sacred souls on a journey to create massive expansion and healing to our communities and the planet. Our focus is about a deep connection with nature, developing leaders and healers for global transformation, and a soft place to land and grow with others like you called to do sacred work.

Not sure where to begin? Let's get you some freebie goodness as you feel into your next step.

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Fashion Headphones


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My Favorite Inspirational Music

Connect with my playlist on Spotify by follow the link and get ready to get inspired. Dance, work, clean the dishes....whatever feels good. This playlist always lifts me and ignites my creativity.

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WildSoul Academy Platform

You can join our community on our free platform on Mighty Networks. We have courses, meditations, and live workshops. Plus a dynamic community of like minded souls.

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My Mindfulness Practice

Enjoy my morning practice where I love to start my day with my Chai Latte and Journal by my side. 


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I'm Joie Kya

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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 

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